Insanity & A Weekly Review

So you saw the reward chart I drew up last week and I mentioned I’m back on doing the Insanity programme for the next several weeks. Today’s post is just a little more on each of those.


For those who don’t know much about it, Insanity is a workout system you do from home, a 60 day plan that comes on 10 DVDs. It is marketed as the “hardest workouts ever put on DVD” and my experiences of it so far suggest that may well be true! 😏 It is TOUGH. Hard. You will sweat. A LOT. I drip when I do my insanity workouts, it’s both satisfying and a little gross at the same time! 😃


The system uses maximum interval training to send your fitness levels through the roof and revolutionise your body in a short space of time (apparently). Maximum interval training is basically like circuits gone nuts- periods of work, supersetting different exercises (when you run exercises back-to-back), followed by short rest periods. It gets your body doing more work than it could sustain for a longer period flat out, keeping you working as hard as possible. Basically HIIT (high intensity interval training).

And we know that supersets, HIIT, intervals and body-weight based exercises all work, so I have great hopes for my results completing this programme, mainly in terms of my fitness (as I think this’ll really be a big boost to my Tough Mudder training) but also in terms of my body composition and figure yes. I am about 2 weeks in and can already feel that my performance and fitness are improving rapidly. Which is super cool. Tuesday I’ll be doing my second fit test and will post a comparison of how that looks versus the one I completed as a baseline before I started the programme.

Second on the agenda- my reward chart. It was an easy way to get my goals down in a succinct form and see how I’m doing with them. It offers options for rewards based on how many “stars” you get during the week (obviously because its designed for children! No comment!), and that really made me reflect on the fact that how consistent I am with what I do has an impact on the benefits I reap from it. And I know that sounds obvious, but how often do we give a half-hearted effort and still have the cheek to feel disappointed or frustrated when we don’t get closer to our goals?! (That’s not just me is it?…..😕).


So this was a really nice way to monitor my efforts and achievements in both eating and fitness goals for the week. And well done me for achieving 30/35 over Christmas week and on holiday! Quite pleased with that really 😊


My desire to give myself ticks all over my sheet made me want to be super lenient at times, but cheating my own reward chart only robs me. So honesty was the only policy.

Last thing is a random observation- after the mini-break we went down to my in-laws and for a few meals I ate what I was given, including white rice and pasta, things I largely wouldn’t include in my diet. What was interesting was my body’s reaction to them! After each meal I had intense cravings. Not a feeling of hunger but a near COMPULSION to just put things in my mouth. When I felt the feeling I checked myself and reviewed what I had had- I wondered whether my body was a) in confusion by the low nutritional content of the meal and asking for more nutrients, b) set off balance by the out of proportion carb/fat/protein amounts or c) unsatisfied because of the unusually low fibre/bulk content of the meal in terms of what my body is used to. Usually my meals are heavy in fruit and veg and wholegrains, which is a lot of fibre and nutrient dense food. I don’t usually have cravings but it reminded me of the cravings I used to have before I cleaned up my eating- a strong desire to eat sweet things after meals and a big capacity to overeat. I could’ve overeaten after those two meals with ease. Instead I went for nutrient and fibre rich follow ups (granola and yog, salad) and after I’d had those left it. But it was tough. And it didn’t feel psychological. It was very much physical. Interesting…

Anyhow. Enough musings for now. See you Tuesday after my fit test! *excited*

Over and out


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