CLEAN IceCream Recipe: Banana & PeanutButter Heaven

For how SIMPLE this is, it is nigh on life changing!! (I kid you not!). WHY have I not done this before?!

Serves 2

• 2-2.5 frozen bananas
• 1 tbsp peanutbutter (it’s always crunchy wholenut at my house)
• optional – 2 squares dark chocolate chopped (I used 74%)
• optional- blend in 1 scoop of your protein powder of choice
Bananas and peanutbutter in vitamix


Switch on and whizz at level 1

Use the stick to push everything down if necessary

At first it’ll look grainy, then it’ll come together. Probably about 20-30 secs

Use a spatula to scoop out and mix in any desired extras (here dark chocolate)

EAT IT ALL UP!! And lick the bowl 😏


I can tell there are going to be SO many variations on this theme coming soon!!

Served my husband’s with 2 oatcakes, drizzled with honey


Must try to NOT make this everyday now….

Over and out


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