Detox Day 2: getting in to the swing…

Still feeling BRILLIANT today!! 😊

07:30 drank a travel mug of warm-hot water with a 1 inch lemon chunk and some fine slices of ginger mixed up in there, in the car on the way to a meeting

08:45 prepped my green juice before I left the house and drank it on my way back home. Followed recipe from the Hungry For Change 3 day detox which my detox was inspired by and is partly based on (some additions and modifications to take it to 5 days etc. Made enough for 2, as my husband is partly jointing me on this season of cleansing (a kind of one foot in, one foot out type of commitment teehee! Which basically equates to he will eat what I’ve made for myself if he thinks it looks yummy!😏)


09:30 popped a banana bread in the oven while I did my 1st Asylum workout of the day. Didn’t have any cinnamon or raisins, so improvised on the original recipe with 35g of fried apricots. Used 40g of pecans, 160g of wholemeal plain flour and 40g of oat bran today.


10:40 1st Asylum workout done (Back To Core DVD….yah….another toughie!) and whipped up a simple green smoothie of fresh pineapple and frozen spinach blended with cooled green tea with jasmine and a tsp of SuperGreens. Knocked that back with 2 slices of my rather yummy banana bread!


13:00-14:00 was feeling pretty hungry heading in to the afternoon. Was eating things but still feeling hungry, so kept eating til I was satisfied: carrot and cucumber sticks with wholenut crunchy peanutbutter (oh yes…), a slice of banana bread, a small handful of activated (aka soaked overnight almonds) and half an avocado did the trick!



16:30 whipped up the Hungry For Change 3 day detox lunch time salad recipe, substituting spinach for seaweed and spring onions for sprouts because I didn’t have any of those in the house. Really liked the dressing and would replicate that again!

Followed that with a small serving of chia seed pudding, also from the Hungry For Change 3 day detox. Except I added another 1/4 cup of homemade almond milk because it seemed a little drier than I had anticipated, and bunged in 1/2 tsp of vanilla bean paste. Served it with 1/3 of a chopped banana and it was quite pleasing! Chia is VERY fibre, mineral (espec calcium) and omega oil rich, making it a great addition to your diet and to a cleanse particularly (clear that bowel out!). Will be toying with this recipe going forward, it has potential and seems like it would be quite diverse. First time I’ve done it and it was well received anyway!

(Yes….it looks like frog spawn tho…😏)

18:30 knuckled down for my 2nd asylum workout of the day- vertical plyo. My GOODNESS!! That was BONKERS!! Great workout. Followed it up with the soup I made earlier as per H4C3DD (my new abbreviation lol!). Wasn’t keen on it. Didn’t enjoy it. Don’t like celery, but will try anything once. So made it as advised. But won’t be eating the rest 😬 will make my own soup tomorrow or Sunday.


Sometimes my friends poke fun at me and tell me what I’m eating looks weird/yucky/odd. I would actually agree with them on the soup one! It looks like swamp soup lol!

Followed it up with another chia pudding but with fresh pineapple this time

Great day. System feeling MUCH better and is moving again (🙌!!). Energy good. Body good. All good basically!

Tomorrow is a busy day, out at church pretty much all day. So will have to get myself nicely organised for that.

Until tomo then bloggers!

Over and out

Oh! PS- came back to say I noticed today that my thirst is MUCH better when I’m juicing. On an average day I drink about 5.5 litres of water, experiencing regular thirst all day and waking to drink in the night. Today I drank 1.5 litre green juice/smoothie and probably 2 litres of water. That is MUCH less AAAAAND I don’t have the insatiable thirst feeling. Very interesting….will look out for that again tomo. Night again 🙂

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