Detox Days 3 & 4: in retrospect

Very busy weekend! But felt good in my body. Just didn’t have time to blog with church on Saturday backed swiftly by wedding rehearsals and prep for my friend’s wedding on the Sunday, then Sunday was a long (but lovely!) day of wedding’ing.

Highlight- have dropped 1.5kg thurs AM-Sunday AM. That’s brill, and can feel it. Part of it will be the gain from the 5 days before, but glad to get rid. 3 weeks til Tough Mudder and the more excess weight I can shed before then the better really.

Did meal prep to be eating on the go. Pics below.

Saturday meal prep: green juice, a salad like the day before, an avocado (eaten with my salad), banana bread, peanut butter which I ate with my apple and nibbled a few of those almonds


In the evening shared some corn popped straight off a dried cob! Bit of a nutritionally pointless snack, which I wouldn’t recommend incorporating in to your diet or detox to be honest. The dried cob made the whitest popcorn I’ve ever seen though!


It was asylum rest day, so did exactly that- rest!

Sunday: did some meal prep but only wound up eating the banana bread and apple with peanut butter.


Did asylum Speed & Agility in the morning before breakfast, which had me dead! And knocked back a heaped tsp of SuperGreens in fresh fruit juice straight after. I then did something a little different and put 2tsp of SuperGreens and half juice half water in my 900ml bottle to sip through the day, which was really nice and kept me going because didn’t think I’d have so much time to be stopping and fuelling as had quite a few duties at the wedding.

Breakfast- I REALLY enjoyed! Tuna in a tomato and chilli sauce with roasted sweet potato. SO good! Will eat that again, any meal will do!😏


Snacked on an apple and peanut butter and banana bread.

At the wedding ate fish, chicken, salad and fruit


Seemed compliant enough. But could clearly see that days my animal protein intake is higher than normal my fruit and veg intake is lower. Yah….

Anyhow. Sunday after weeding got home and settled and had a pear and a few almonds and called it a night!

Posting these days in retrospect. Today is day 5, but will have to post that in retrospect too as its totally past my bedtime 😏

Night folks!

Over and out

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