Being Vegan: Day Two

Being a vegan day 2 – meh! This is actually pretty darn close to my normal life!! Just without the chicken and overnight oats 😃

Realised a few important things today-
1) I can do this
2) everything is better when you plan and prepare properly
3) I could actually plan and prepare more & it would improve my experience of this
4) I don’t like a 100% raw life. Every now and then I like a hot meal 😊 realised that tonight when I was sipping a green smoothie on my way home from the gym, and had a strong urge to not be drinking cold liquid, but munching something hot in to my tummy. So had a little something hot when I got in and felt muuuuch happier! Satisfied and content.

My day looked like:

0600 dandelion tea and lemon
0630 hay fever shot and high dose vitamin c
0800 1 litre of get juice (beetroot, carrot, spinach, apple, ginger, mint)
1000 2 of my vegan breakfast muffins and 2 pieces of fruit
1215 a baby avocado, some orange cranberry and sunflower seed bread again, granola and oat milk, a nectarine
1500 a banana and pack of oatcakes
1820 started sipping on 1 litre of green smoothie (picture recipe below)

1900-2000 Olympic weight lifting class
2000 sipping the rest of that smoothie!
2030 a SMALL bowl of the broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potato curry I made yesterday in meal prep time
2130 high dose vitamin c

In other news- I didn’t take an antihistamine at all today which is fab (wasn’t deliberate, just forgot!). But think pollen count was lower so that may be part of it too? Lets see how we go tomo!

That’s all from me tonight folks! Gonna take my little vegan self to bed 😊😴 night!

Over and out

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