Workout 11.07: TFW Hurricane

Training For Warriors Hurricane class this evening

It was a lovely sunny day so we did it out in the park….nice in theory but left with THE worst tan lines in the whole of my tan line life history EVER!!!! Horrendous ones!! From a racer back top with a peep hole below the straps and a sports bra with a different racer back cut = my back looks like a hot mess right about now! teehee

ANYWAY. The class. Working on sprints

Warm up – various exercises to warm up hams, glutes, calves and groin really well

Rotation 1: Sprint 35m x2, leg swings from plank position x10, plank-to-push-up get-ups x10. 3 SETS

Rotation 2: Sprint 35m x2, lunges exploding in to high knees x10, explosive burpees x10. 3 SETS

Rotation 3: Sprint 35m x2, 4-punch combo with partner on pads x10, high leg kicks x10 each side. 3 SETS

Bonus fitness sprint test: sprint 35m x4 lengths (140m total), 15 seconds rest xTHREE SETS

The 1st round uses the same energy source you use for weight lifting, ATP. It is explosive and powerful. Round 2 that energy is gone and the lactic acid starts flooding your legs, so this round is a test of endurance. Round 3 all power sources are gone and you are relying solely on your cardiovascular system and your mental grit to blast through the last set of sprints. The more similar your 2nd and 3rd rounds are to your 1st round give a very good indicator of your overall condition.

This. Was. HARD. It hurt. The 1st set wasn’t too bad. The 2nd set when the lactic acid fills your legs they are heavy and they don’t want to move. When you make the turn each time your body just wants to stop. The 3rd round is just crazy! It hurts. That is all.

I did my 1st round at 34 seconds, 3rd round 40 seconds. So 6 seconds difference. Not so bad I don’t think.  (The trainer’s difference the week before was 4 seconds. His sprints were much faster than mine though 23-27 seconds. So can definitely work on that speed thing.)Will revisit that sometime and see how it improves.

Great session. Despite tan lines lol! Worked me out hard.

Over and out


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