Workout 14.07: lifting

Big focus on back work today. Solo training session of:

Bent over barbell row
35kg x8
40kg x8
45kg x8
50kg x5
55kg x6
(Back-to-back, every weight to failure) 60kg x3, 55kg x2, 50kg x3, 45kg x3, 40kg x4

Unassisted tricep dips
Last set with 10kg vest x3, normal x3

Upright row
30kg x8
32.5kg x8
35kg x5
35kg x5, 32.5kg x3, 30kg x3
37.5kg x4, 35kg x2, 30kg x2
37.5kg x4, 35kg x3, 32.5kg x3, 30kg x3

Clean (old PB 40kg x8)
30kg x5
40kg x3
*42.5kg x3 *
*45kg x2*
*45kg x2 *PB*

Foam rolling

Day 1 of carb cycling and it’s a low carb day. Can feel fatigue in my muscles currently, probably because they need refuelling. Had a protein shake after my workout. Good session.

Over and out



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