Workout 23.07: Tempo Training & Olympic Lifting

Yesterday was an interesting day. There was sudden heavy rain and the city flooded in patches; storm drains burst from the road, showering tarmac and debris across lanes, gushing water, and lakes quickly formed around them. It was crazy!! Anyhow, in the midst of this I got myself up and out and made for the gym.

I was 20 mins late for the hurricane class I wanted to join (silly floods), so did a spot of solo training before class. As it transpired I was the only one who made it to lift class!! (Those floods again.) So wound up with a personal training session on my snatch. WINNING.

Solo training I started on tempo training, which my bestie schooled me on this week Monday in our joint session. In tempo training you control the eccentric movement (the lowering movement you do while resisting gravity) of an exercise over a set period of time. So the eccentric part of a pull up is when you let yourself down, for a chest press it’s when you are lowering the weights back down, and for a squat it’s the squatting part. I think there is an official way to write tempo times, but when I write mine I will write them in the order the movements occur. They are written in the format 0-0-0-0, and the numbers (MY numbers) show the number of seconds for the 1st movement, number of seconds for a pause, the number of seconds for the return movement and then number of seconds pausing at the start position. Always movement-pause-movement-pause.

For an example, if I was working 4-2-1-1 on a squat, I would squat down over 4 second, pause at the bottom for 2 seconds, get back to the start position (rise up) in 1 and then pause in start position for 1 second. Got it?? Ok. So yesterday’s session was:

Tempo training
Chest press 1-1-3-1
8kg dumbbells x10
10kg dumbbells x10
10kg dumbbells x15

OH squat (heels on plates) 4-2-1-1
20kg x10

Leg press 1-1-4-1
90kg x12
100kg x12
110kg x12

Then Olympic lifting session, working with my trainer for the 1st time on my snatch.

Started with shoulder and pec minor stretching and mobilising.
Then working on stabilising with weight overhead- overhead squats and explosive drop downs with weight overhead.

Did work on a few phases of the snatch.

Finished up with ramping up weights on the snatch movement with drop down (from bar on shoulders) and OH squat.

Was happy to be OH squatting 35kg by end of session, as haven’t worked much on this before.

Have set myself a goal to snatch 50kg within the next month. Totally achievable and I WILL do it. Just putting that out there!!😏

Over and out


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