Workout 25.07: Solo Kettlebells Session & Some Programme Thoughts

After training with the bestie last week I’ve been thinking about and starting to change some elements of my workout programme. Perhaps workout “programme” is even too strong a word- I have a few regular fixtures, and then largely I train around them with things I need to practise, or in whatever way I feel will balance what I’ve done in the last few sessions. It’s not a heavily structured programme. It’s pretty ad hoc. So I have had a think about what I would like to be in my programme, and the things I can include to compliment each other and develop me in a more well rounded kind of way.

Realised when doing this session that I am conditioning myself HEAVILY for strength and power work, and not incorporating enough other things to be truly well rounded. Particularly need to focus on endurance I think. Because 50 second intervals, which is what I did yesterday, really felt very long. And surely I should be able to work steadily for that kind of time?! But I had to cross a real mental block to drop the weights down real low to get a sustained interval in, rather than trying to blast away at a weight that felt like it would challenge my muscles. I had to remember I AM challenging my muscles, but in a different way…. Need more variety challenges in my programme I think. Both for my brain and for my body. More on that in another post. On to yesterday’s session, which was set for me by the bestie. I adapted it for time, as she wanted me doing 1 min of cardio type exercises between each EXERCISE, which would be doubled the length of my session, and I just didn’t have time for that last night. So I did:

4 sets of:

-Two handed KB swings(20kg)
-High Pulls (20kg)
-One handed alternate KB swings (16kg)
-Squat and overhead press (12kg)
-Lawnmower Rows (12kg)
-Shoulder Press with 2 KBs (8kg)

Working each exercise 50 seconds work with 10 seconds rest.

1 min rest between sets.

This was challenging for me. Struggled to maintain the weights I had picked for 50 seconds. They were heavy. After the 1st set I started every exercise with the weight shown, and pushed hard to get at least half way through each interval with that weight before dropping down to a lighter weight to allow myself to get the work interval finished.

The intervals felt long and the rest periods short. It would’ve been better for me to work at much lighter weights and build endurance I think rather than trying to approach everything with sheer power.

I guess the key thing about what weights and reps and sets you are choosing to do is what you are aiming to achieve- BROADLY SPEAKING, high weights and low reps builds power and size. Low weights and high reps builds endurance, and leaner but probably denser muscles. I train more toward the former, but need more of the latter to balance it all out I think. Because I’m not TRYING to be a body builder or power lifter. I just so happen to enjoy those parts of my programme- probably because they come easiest to me!! Well. Time to stretch myself and come out of that comfort zone I think.

Once I’ve decided on it, will let you know what my programme will be over next few weeks!

Over and out


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