Workouts 30.07: Running & TFW Hurricane

So I decided as part of my new program and to meet some of my body goals, I am going to put an ADDITIONAL 30mins of cardio in to my routine each day. Will discuss in my next post. But today was day 1. So I set my alarm, woke up, got dressed, and RAN!

Ran around 2.5 miles. Steady state on the way out, intervals on the way back.

This evening I went to TFW Hurricane class, which is high intensity interval training. Metabolic training and a lot of cardio. Today’s class:

Animal crawl warm ups x6 plus x15 burpees each time

Rotation 1:
25s sprint
25s floor press (20kg)
25s body weight row (20kg)
3 SETS then rest

Rotation 2:
100m sprint #2 incline
10x box jumps
10x burpees
3 SETS then rest

Rotation 3:
100m sprint on #6 incline
6 each side snatch and press (10kg kettlebell)
10x goblet squats (10kg KB)
3 SETS then rest

Foam rolling and stretch off

Great class. Lots of exercise today. Training twice did feel like I had done more work than normal. Think my body felt it. Tracked my calories and macros today for interest. Ate 2634kcal, spent 836kcal on exercise = 1798kcal. Lets see how this goes eh…

Really pleased with my nutritional breakdown- particularly ZERO Trans fats, high fibre, high Vit C & A intake, good protein intake. My diet is pretty carb and fat heavy. Carbs tend to look high in my macros coz I eat a lot of fruit and/or juice daily which is straight up carbs pretty much. Anyone got any thoughts on that?? Not sure how much of a problem it is given that I didn’t even meet what the app thought I should eat in carbs for the day….will review in a week and see.

That’s all for now!
Over and out




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