Workouts 31.07: 2 Hours, 2 Classes, Killer HIIT To Close

LONG session this evening in the gym. Was supposed to play tennis with the other half before he went to work but he wound up not having enough time, so I went in to my day owing myself half an hour of cardio, and it was a debt I was determined to pay! Would’ve run, but was deterred by the rain like a wimp!😏

So I decided I would pay myself back the cardio after today’s scheduled workout- a half hour abs class followed by an hour of barbell work.

Abs class was superset exercises, increasing duration from 30-50secs per exercise over 4 sets. It killed!! Especially the lower abs set 😳

Then Barbell Warriors today was pair work focusing on the eccentric and concentric movements of: bicep curl, bent over row, floor press and high row. Worked with barbells and between 10kg and 35kg of weight. Good class.

Then paid my cardio debt 😑
Shuttle runs with 20kg on the prowler; shuttle runs doing bear crawls on the outward leg and double footed backwards jumping on the return; battle rope series- smashes, alternate arm waves, arm cycling with the ropes, outward crisscrossing.

Finished all that and was DEAD. Muscles were starting to cramp. Lay on the astro turf for a while to recover 😏

Rest day tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Over and out


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