Chocolate Protein Frozen Yogurt Recipe (iifym)

1 banana (fresh or frozen)
100g of full fat organic natural live yog
1 tbsp Green & Black’s organic cocoa
40g of chocolate protein powder
1 tbsp peanut butter (optional)

Whizz the banana, cocoa and protein powder until even and crumbly

Add in yog and whizz once more

Pour in to a bowl or jar or dish and freeze for 30-60 mins, it really depends what you’ve frozen it in- if it’s in a wide flat dish it’ll be shorter than a narrow deep one like the mug I used. Test it with your finger on the top to check how far gone it is. I ate mine lightly frozen, it was like a thick, cold mousse. LUSH!

(Lick all spoons. Try and lick blender too if poss!!)

Eat up. Lick lips. Optional extras – 1 tbsp of peanut butter blended in at same time as yog


Macros (WITHOUT peanut butter):
6g fat
31g carbs
(2g fibre, 27g sugar)
41g protein

Macros WITH peanut butter (balance is better):
13g fat
32g carbs
(3g fibre, 28g sugar)
45g protein

Calorie distribution:
42% protein, 30% carbs, 28% fat

Enjoy this one guys! It’s well balanced and GORGEOUS
Over and out


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