Chocolate Orange Protein Balls Recipe

80g dates
70g rolled oats
50g peanut butter (I use wholenut crunchy)
90g chocolate protein powder of choice (low carb ideally)
10g quality cocoa (always Green & Black’s organic for me)
1 orange
1 sachet powdered egg whites
20g shredded coconut

Egg white powder is optional. I made mine up as per the instructions (adding 3 tsp of water), but the extra moisture wasn’t needed. May revise this in future as I wound up adding more dry ingredients to add texture and lost the strength of the orange flavour. But as they are yum, still posting 1st draft recipe!

Finely grate the rind from your orange and add the rind along with everything but the coconut in to your blender. Add in the juice of HALF the orange (just under 1/4cup or 65ml).

Whizz intermittently until everything comes together in a soft, balling, sticky fashion.

Put your shredded coconut in to a small bowl. The mix is very sticky, I used a tablespoon to remove around 35g of mixture at a time. Plop one spoonful in to the bowl of coconut and tumble it until covered. You can then remove it and roll it in to a ball with your hands.

Plop, roll and ball 10 times. Try and make them even. I sat my bowl on a scale so I could check how much each blob I removed weighed.

Sit the rolled balls on a plate and fridge them for an hour min.

Can then store or eat up as desired!
Perfect for pre or post workout or as a handy snack! Even as a clean treat, as they are very tasty!!

Macros: 131kcal, 4.3g fat, 14.5g carbs, 2.6g fibre & 9.8g #protein per ball. Not BAD! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


Over and out



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