Workout 09.08: The Gauntlet Class

It was The Gauntlet tonight. Intense circuit class our gym does bi-monthly.

Not gonna write much except 3 things:
1) it was tough (as usual)
2) in 5 weeks I’ve gone from completing just under 4 rounds in the time given (on my 1st class), to getting in 5.5 tonight! Including 100m sprint on my 5th round at 21km/ph. Go me! Improvement. We like.
3) I’m starting to LOOK like someone who works out when I’m training!! You may not get this. But I know what I mean. My body is changing. My muscles get pumped when I train, there’s definition in so many new places, I glow (read sweat like a beast) all over, my arms shine, it’s pretty neat. Not glam, but cool and I like it.

That’s it really πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Thought I’d treat you to a snap of me after class strolling back to the car sipping my shake and looking a little KO’d! (Not much of a treat I know…😏).

Night fit fam

Over and out


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