28.08 Training: Legs & Glutes with Snatch Practise

If I can walk tomorrow it will actually be a MIRACLE!!! 😂

After 2 weeks off, I re-entered the world of Gym with a bang! 3 beautiful hours, ending with soaked clothes, a grazed shin, black nails, raw fingertips and legs of jelly….GREAT session!!!😃😍

Legs & Glutes day 28.08.13

•Warm it up:
Foam rolling
Mobilising & stretching
Shoulder mobility work
(Knots along spine and shoulder/neck tension)

•Snatch practise: (quick weight ramp up)
2 sets with bar (20kg) 5 reps
30kg x3 2 SETS
*40kg failed twice (once backwards, once forwards)
Medicine ball rolled right shoulder & attempted again*
40kg x2 2 SETS
*Failed 50kg x3*
*Failed 45kg x3*
40kg x1
42.5kg x1 **PB**
*Failed 42.5kg x2*
(Fatigued now)

Legs & Glutes:
• straight leg deadlifts

a)1 leg box jump
•8 e.s, knee height box
•4 e.s +2″
•10 e.s knee height box
•6 e.s +2″
b) Resistance band side steps x18e.s

a) seated (hamstring) leg curl 12@100lbs; 12@110lbs; 12@120lbs; 8@130lbs
b) prowler backwards drag 1 length of turf (gets quads) @80kg; 100kg; 120kg; 120kg

Glute kick backs
12 e.s @ 20kg
12 e.s @25kg
12 e.s @30kg
8 e.s @35kg
20 e.s (to failure)@35kg

Plié goblet squats (with DB)

Pistol squat practise using bar for balance
2 sets 5 e.s

Foam rolling & stretching

(I want to learn how to pistol squat. If I can do that I will be cool. OFFICIALLY. FACT. 😎)

Over and out


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