Workouts 02.09 & 03.09: Tennis & Oly Lifting

Mon 02.09

An hour and a bit of tennis with my husband. Not much to say on the except a) it’s cardio and b) I lost 😏

Tues 03.09

An hour of Olympic lifting training. Still working on that snatch. Went for a PB of 45kg and failed, causing this knee scuff on the way:


I keep failing in the same way- my arms either don’t want to press that weight overhead or as it’s getting there it’s just too unstable and I’m falling. Yesterday in class I failed the 45kg snatch, was falling backwards while half in to my squat with my bar overhead, but couldn’t get out from underneath or properly! So wound up tipping my bar back and falling my body forward. Ended with me hitting my knees on the gym floor, almost in child’s pose but catching myself on my hands and the bar dropping on my lower back πŸ˜‘ feeling a bit bruised today………will check it later for bruising. Hope it doesn’t look ugly 😁

Anyhow. My coach reckons I need to work on shoulder stabilising and strengthening exercises, and I am inclined to agree. My right shoulder is so prone to knots and tightness since my back rotation probs. And I’ve noticed lots of knots along my mid spine lately. Booked in with my physio tomorrow just to have it checked over again and get a good massage in. Needed really.

Will let you know what comes of that!

Over and out


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