Workout 08.09: Bulletproof Shoulders & A CrossFit WOD

Hit the gym today. Had a recommendation from a guy in my Oly lifting class to try out a prog called Bulletproof Shoulders, a short workout to build shoulder stability & strength. Go watch the video. It looked OK. Like I could do it with not so much trouble. ACTUALLY it was pretty challenging!! It works a lot of movements that are almost entirely neglected in your everyday lifting and training – external rotation of the shoulder in particular. The problem of not working these movements is compounded by working a lot of muscles and moves that will pull the shoulders forward (chest work, tight lats & traps). Resulting in shoulders that are tilting inwards and forwards, which will affect how your shoulder can rotate in it’s socket.

So I did Bulletproof Shoulders for the first time today. I will be doing it twice a week (as it recommends), and I am looking forward to gaining strength and stability from it, because like I said, I can already feel that it is challenging my shoulders big time. And I was also very aware of the difference in stability in my right shoulder compared to my left.

Moved in to a CrossFit WOD after that: Thrusters 5-5-5-5-5 (that means 5 reps, and 5 sets, with the weight progressing up each time). I worked 20kg-30kg-35kg-40kg-45kg. 20kg was easy peasy, I should’ve started higher but maybe it’s good I didn’t overdo it. Good workout, intense and short. (A thruster is an ATG (ass-to-grass) front squat, moving explosively upwards in to a push press. Full body engagement through legs, glutes, core, arms and shoulders.)

I have written up a few finishers and will be adding them in to my workouts over next few weeks. A finisher is a short but VERY intense burst of work you can wrap your workout up with, and they can really boost your burn. So today I finished with:

3 rounds for time:

20 knees-to-elbow crunches with hip lift

100m sprint (incline 2, 22 kph)

TIME: 04:58 (clearly resting too much!! slacking…)

Then off to the sauna and steam for some Me time, and some deep conditioning time for my hair! Had a niiiiiice full body stretching session while I was in the sauna, which felt great. Happy.

Happy with my day. Planning this week’s training now, so might post it later. Posting what I am planning to do makes me feel more accountable to do it. Actually, speaking of posts….I have another post I need to write. Which I have been avoiding for a while. But need to do. Almost like a confession. But definitely for accountability….. Watch this space.

Over and out

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