Workouts 19.09-21.09 Catching Up!

Haven’t posted workouts in a WHILE, but here is the last 3 days:

Workout 19.09

Foam rolling

Box jumps (explosive activation). Up to 1m/39″ (new PB)

Back squats
**2@75kg** PB
**1@80kg** PB

Prowler laps (50kg plates on the sled)
High grip 1 lap
Low grip return lap
10 sets
Up to 1 min rest between sets

Bulletproof shoulders (managed to increase sets from 4 to 5 on the box flies and from 15 reps to 20 on the cuff isolator rotation things at the end. Also managed to get through 15 side plank shoulder retractions straight this time, have usually needed a break. Progress! Hooray!)

Workout 20.09
Cardio intervals with side steps, backwards and forwards runs
Then pull-up work: aiming for 6 sets of 5 reps, taking assistance as needed – my husband is my pull-up assist machine at home now lol! He gives as little assistance as possible for me to complete the rep. Did 30 pull-ups in total, managed the following unassisted:
Was so happy to see 5 unassisted reps, and pleasantly surprised even! As I had gotten up to 5 or 6, but following my shoulder injury was down at 1, 2 at best. So this is brilliant and means that shoulder rehab and practise at back muscle activation is really kicking in! Onwards and upwards!

Workout 21.09
Took a short run. I don’t often feel a desire to run. So when I feel it I gotta capitalise on it! So Saturday evening I left my friends socialising, got myself changed, drove to their nearest park, ran, freshened up and rejoined everyone! (Where there’s a will there’s a way guys, no excuses). Actually my desire to run was not about the cardio, I think it was to do with how blocked up I was feeling, and running always gets my digestion moving and busts away tension. So I enjoyed the feeling it gave more than I enjoyed doing the run itself haha! (Nope. STILL don’t like running or endurance cardio lol!)


Today will plan my workouts for the next week. Torn between parachute sprints or cardio boxing for some cardio today, and will defo get in some strength work. Will try and post my workouts properly again going forward!

Over and out

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