Burpee Revolution: #1000BurpeeChallenge

A few things you should know about the burpee:
💪 The burpee is one of the BEST full body, high intensity exercises

💪 It targets the core, chest, triceps, shoulders, back, quads, hamstrings and fast-twitch muscles

💪 It is very taxing & will send your heart rate soaring

💪 It HURTS. In fact, it used to be used as a punishment for prisoners in some countries 😳

💪 I don’t like them so much. I only really do them when told/made to 😏

💪 This month I am going to do 1000, alongside my current training regime😱

💪 They are going to make me supremely fit, beautiful and strong😍

Who’s with me?! 😃 share a link to this blog post on your social media/reblog it, join me on Instagram and Twitter , use the hashtags #BurpeeRevolution and #1000BurpeeChallenge, tag a friend to join in, spread the word, let’s do this!!

Over and out


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