Workout 03.10: Let The Burpees Begin!

REALLY enjoyed my session today! Felt like a good workout. Felt different. Interesting. Taxing. Balanced…liked it. Have myself a burpee challenge this month to complete (will put it in a separate post now), and started it this afternoon. Here was my session:

Workout 03.10

12min Burst HIIT
• 4 min treadmill up
• 30 secs burpees / 30 secs rest x4
• 4 min treadmill walk off

Abs circuit
• crunches hung upside down off bars x10
• hanging leg raises slow x10
• oblique crunches on stand x10 each side
• 1 min plank
2 rounds

50 8kg wall balls with full squat

Bulletproof shoulders programme


Over and out


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