My First CrossFit Level 2 WOD

So last night was my 1st level 2 workout now I’ve graduated level 1 CrossFit training. Level 2 classes are 40-50 mins of technique work and coaching followed by a WOD {Workout Of the Day} (10-20mins time allocated for that).

Now don’t get it twisted. Those workouts look short. But they are MEAN 😑 I’ve watched a few in action while I’ve been training level 1, and tbh I was a little nervous!! The intensity is a whole new level of work, even for me (someone who doesn’t mind a bit of hard work!)! And I KNEW, looking at the folk I would be joining at level 2, that I would be lucky to be seeing the bottom quarter of the board for performance 😬 (everyone’s times and weights go on the board for the WOD).


But off I went. And was chuckling to myself when the warmup looked like some folks’ idea of a workout!! 😏

Warm up:
200m run
20 squats
15 chest-to-floor, arms-in pushups
10 chest-to-floor, overhead-clap burpees
20 jumping lunges


I thought my pushups were ok, til I trained level 1 and got adjusted to CF standard- arms are in close to the body, elbows are back and they don’t flare out. Bit like a tricep pushup. Hollow back position- tightened abs, strong core, slightly rounded upper back between the shoulder blades. Chest comes to the floor every time. It’s gonna take a while to get used to the new form and build up strength in it, but it’ll come. In the meantime they hurt me and are very hard work…

For the coaching section we trained overhead shoulder stability, split jerk, muscle up transition on the rings and handstands with shoulder touches (part of the WOD). The shoulder touch is where you get in to a handstand, feet against the wall, shift your weight to one side and touch one shoulder with the opposite hand. Pretty hard. Couldn’t do it. Got as far as my elbow, sometimes just about got my hand up!

Then came the WOD, on the clock:

60 jumping lunges
30 pushups
10 shoulder touches
50 jumping lunges
20 pushups
10 shoulder touches
40 jumping lunges
10 pushups
10 shoulder touches

Legs burned like woah. Shoulder touches after pushups was a killer. So many of those new form pushups for me was super ouch! But did the work. Holding on to the rails on the train on the way home my arms were so fatigued they were shaking 😏

Finished in 08’26”, bang in the middle 😑 I HATE the middle!!! 😫😒 Yes. I am VERY competitive. And 5th of 9, 2nd of 3 girls couldn’t really BE any more “middle”… And I know, I know… the board is not supposed to be there to be competitive with others. It’s to be competitive with yourself. But my competition with myself is- climb that board!!😄 so hoping to be doing that over next several weeks as I get conditioned, stronger and better acquainted with this workout style.

Will start posting my WODs of the day here just like I used to post my workouts before. Undoubtedly with varying levels of detail 😏

Catch you guys again soon. Maybe tonight after my 1st gymnastics class in about 15 years 😏😏

Over and out


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