The Lifting Life: Self-Training 02.07.15

• Mobilise shoulders, hips, legs

• Release wrecked hammies and scream a little

• Snatches: build up to 45kg

Then 3-3-3-3


• Jerk werk off the blocks


1 push press

1 spilt jerk

1 pause jerk 

1 split jerk with 3 second hold at split + 3 second hold at recover
35kg, 42.5kg, 47.5kg, 52.5kg, 57.5kg, maxed out at 60kg
• 8 min EMOM finisher @45kg

Alternating 10x back squats (odd minutes), 5x front squats (even minutes)
• 2k recovery row

Then get gifted this and consolidate all those gainz with every bite…😋

Yes yes YES. 

Over and out. 


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