92.5kg Front Squat PB: Self-Training 05.07.15

• StrengthEstablish 1RM front squat

Mobilise and warm up (triceps, hips, quads, hams, glutes, lower back, shoulders)

Bar warm up









1@93kg (fail)

• WOD 1 9 min AMRAP

6 (3 each side) Dumbbell squat snatch @15kg

10 GHD sit-ups

20 Double unders  

My first time trying DB squat snatches and found it pretty tricky actually! Was using a 15kg DB because it was the lightest I could find ha! But it was a challenge for me when trying to learn the balance needed at the bottom of the movement and to get my shoulders firing and stable. Liked it. Wilk use it in my programming again for sure. 
• WOD 2

CANCELLED – ran out of time screwing around and it was closing time. Oops  
• 1 hour being annihilated at tennis (recovery cardio)
Over and out 


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