Frog Stand Homework: Self-Training 06.07.15

• SkillUpside down practise: frog stand, handstands


• WOD 1 10 min EMOM alternating:

A) 6 front rack lunges start 45kg +2.5kg each round to 55kg

B) 10 American KB Swings @24kg

• WOD 2

100 1-arm Russian kettlebell swings (50 each side) @24kg (aim under 5 mins) 

1 min rest

10 Turkish get-ups (5 each side) @20kg (aim under 10 mins)
Times: 04:51 & 08:10

My first time doing this workout at these weights. I hadn’t previously understood why I would need 10 min time cap to do 10 TGUs. Well yesterday I understood!! That. Was. TOUGH!! And surprisingly gassy. My shoulders needed recovery time even working alternate singles. Could feel stabilising muscles firing like mad all over body thought the movement. Very very tasty stuff!

 The 1-arm swings at 24kg were pretty heavy, and I could feel the fatigue in my hips, glutes and mid-back. Probably not helped by already having worked heavy lunges and overhead swings. Worked in sets of 10 on one arm, mid-air switch at 10 and then 10 on the other before a break. The sets of 20 were taking 35-40 seconds ish and then I’d take a good 20 sec break between each as it was pretty taxing, probably 30 secs by last set. Will have another go at this next week but as my 1st WOD and see how it feels…
• 1k recovery row

Myofascial release

500m recovery row 
Good sess. 

Over and out

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