Post-Partum Hair Loss #MyMamaSkin

My hair is falling out. It was so thick and shiny and had all new length while I was pregnant. 

(TOP: 6 days post-partum. Don’t mind my blood shot eyes…forced pushing is not cool

BOTTOM: Just washed.)

Now we are 4 months (exactly!) post-partum and it’s dull, and matte, and lacklustre and both breaking and falling out. To be honest I’m pretty gutted I haven’t had the time (or inclination ha!) to enjoy my lush tresses while I had them.  
I washed my hair this weekend and this is the hair I lost in the process. 

There was visibly less hair on my head after that little escapade! 

My edges are the worst, with lots of thinning happening right at the front

This all started about 14 weeks/3.5 months after baby (3 weeks ago), and I had noticed but was trying to see how it would go, because I knew about changing hormones during pregnancy meaning you keep more hair while pregnant and lose more after birth. Right now it just seems to be getting worse and after this weekend I’m feeling like I need to do something about it. It makes me feel pretty down actually. I’m not sure how to wear my hair to keep it protected as best I can or conceal the hair loss at the front. I’m suddenly feeling self-conscious about it. 

So really this is a bit of a ‘part one’. To put some feelers out – what have your experiences with hair-after-baby been,  mamas? Do you have any tips to share? What were the things that did or didn’t work for you? And when did it stop or get better?

Talk to me, mamas! Here, on Instagram #MyMamaSkin or on Facebook

I’ll follow up with a ‘part two’ and beyond when I’ve got an idea of what I might try and post some updates how things progress…  

Over and out 

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