Tracking Progrss #MyMamaSkin

When I started back at the gym end of September I used the boditrax machine in the gym to take a reading – it takes your weight and uses an electrical current to analyse your body composition. I generally prefer photos and fat callipers to track my body changes, but while this is a tool I’ve got access to I  reckon it’s worth using. Barring a few unrealistic “ideals” it has proposed (I will never be 23kg lighter than I am…not unless I start removing limbs) and completely ignoring the stupid bits (boo to BMI) – I like it! 
One erratic month later (as I talked about last post) and I’ve taken another reading. This is how my body has changed in those 30 odd days:
Overall weight +1lb. Fat mass -2lb. Muscle mass +3lb. I wouldn’t consider this a big achievement, but it’s all positive steps in the right direction. And given the month I had, I’ll take it.  

I quite like the boditrax interface, it’s super handy and shows some interesting elements. Like this ‘physique’ chart based on your body’s data:
Currently I’m an amber ‘solid build’ but have done a teeny bit of edging toward to the green zone of ‘standard muscular’ this month. Mmm…Standard Muscular…I like the sound of that…

And there’s some other interesting stuff I haven’t fully understood the relevance of yet (BMR? Muscle scoring??) but can follow that the greener your dot the better and the redder the worserer (because that’s a real word). That my metabolic age is +15 years on my actual age has earned me the reddest one of all my dots. Eep. 

Anyhoo. This is just a starting snapshot really, a kind of baseline. I think I’ll start to post an update every fortnight perhaps? I’ve been toying with whether or not to post body progress pics, which is what I’d usually do with this kind of thing. But I am keen to not to make this journey, for me or for anyone following, an obsession about the external. This is about so much more….. I hope that I find ways to convey that more clearly as I go. 
Over and out 

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