A Beautiful Suprise…

This time last year we were coming toward the end of our 1st trimester. We’d had a private early reassurance scan around 10 weeks and seen our little jelly bean wriggling on the screen.

The 1st time Daddy saw you… โค

We’d added a teensy stocking to our mantelpiece, which made my heart full every time I looked at it.

But we hadn’t told our loved ones. And it itched.

We set a date for Sunday 13th of December,  told both of our families we were taking them out for a festive breakfast treat and pre-Christmas get together, and I set about planning some Christmas themed games and making each family member a little personalised card from our bump (“Pip”….a pet name that has stayed very firmly stuck!).

A personal ‘can’t wait to meet you’ love note & copy of baby Pip’s 1st ever photo for each person. 

On the day we laid the table with cue cards for our planned games, menus and the cards we’d made.

And right before the food arrived we invited everyone to open their cards, all at the same time. In what followed there are a few memories that will stay with me forever. My mother in law looking at her card and asking if she had the wrong one because it said ‘grandma’ on the front, and then opening it and starting to cry. My mum’s face lighting up, then way she started laughing and was the 1st to jump up and squeeze me super tight like she couldn’t let go. My grandma squeaking so loudly the rest of the restaurant turned to look, well after all the commotion had started, because she’d finally gotten what she was looking at. The moment both of us catch her in our arms for a 3-way hug as she runs toward us in tears…

And to go with those precious memories are a set of pictures captured so perfectly by the photographer we had booked to spend the morning with us, some of which I’d like to share with you guys tonight. Thank you Andre Cunningham for capturing our families’ fun, laughter, surprise, smiles, tears and love so beautifully. Your photos have a special place in our hearts. One day we will show them to our son, and he will see how much he was loved and wanted by his whole family, right from the very start….. ๐Ÿ’•


8 responses to “A Beautiful Suprise…

  1. This is lovely Danielle! It’s really amazing how the photographer captured all the emotions.

    Did they not suspect anything with you hiring a photographer for a Christmas breakfast?

    • He did a great job! They didn’t at all actually! We just said oh we’ve asked a friend to come and take some group pics for us before breakfast. Think with it being Christmas and both families all together (which isn’t often), they just took it in their stride.

  2. This is really beautiful Danielle, Hugo will absolutely love looking and reading about this when he grows up :)… I remember we told our loved ones pretty early on but me and hubby had always wanted to know the gender of our baby so thought it would be a lovely idea to find out together with the family. We asked the ultrasound technician/doctor to write down the gender but fold it and not show us, we then went to a cake shop, explained the situation to the baker, gave him the folded piece of paper and asked him to make the sponge of the cake either blue or pink, but not revealing what the gender is on the outside of the cake. Two days later we picked up 2 special cakes (one was for work who I also wanted to have a little celebration with the next day). That evening we FaceTimed both our families and cut the cake, it was a really special moment with everyone screaming, even though we had no preference as to gender, it felt suddenly so real that we were having a baby and it was a little boy, moments like that are very precious and I’ll never forget it ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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