Workout 01.09: Lifting Practise & HIIT Cardio

Workout 01.09 Lifting Practise & HIIT

Mobilising, foam rolling, shoulder mobilisation

Clean & jerk practise
Warm up movements with 20kg bar
Cleans 6@30kg
Clean & jerk 6@30kg
3@40kg 2 sets
Failed 57.5kg once
The End

HIIT 10 rounds 20 secs work, 40 secs rest.
• battle ropes
• tyre flips
• treadmill sprints (incline 3, 20kmph)
5 mins treadmill work with side steps and backwards runs

I do find cardio much more difficult/taxing than strength work, but that is perhaps why I need to do more of it!! (And why I don’t naturally find myself doing it as much)

Over and out

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